Basta express delivery, Expree!

Expree is a multi-service transportation and delivery platform whose sole mission is to provide Cebuanos with the fastest service at the lowest possible rates.  This all-around delivery app prides itself in providing a homegrown Cebuano brand of service: Serbisyong Inamigo. As an institution, there are three communities that Expree seeks to serve:

  • Local Businesses – Expree has seen the toll that this pandemic has taken on business owners and entrepreneurs. In the age of quarantine, Expree has offered various homegrown food entrepreneurs the opportunity for business continuity even while everyone is encouraged to stay at home.
  • Riders – Aside from local businesses, the working class heroes of Cebu have also taken a hit as a result of the pandemic. Expree seeks to provide these heroes with more job opportunities within the Expree community. This is why the company always doubles down on its efforts to serve its riders. They serve as the backbone for our organization. Sa Expree, basta happy driver, happy customer!
  • Cebuano Consumers – Lastly, Expree values the health, safety, protection, and convenience of every Cebuano. With Expree’s on-time and reasonably priced delivery services, the everyday bai has the opportunity to gain access to their favorite local eats and offerings without leaving the comforts of their own homes.

On September 17, Expree will be launching its app together with an Online Concert Series featuring some of Cebu’s most prominent musical talents. Over the course of four weeks, Expree will be hosting weekly online musical performances by Oh Caraga!, Jerika Teodorico, Kurt Fick, and Missing Filemon. Aside from the musical performances, viewers will also be treated to an opportunity to win cash prizes amounting to Php 10,000 weekly!

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